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Possible triggers: scars, body horror, disordered eating and poor medical care The body remembers. These last two months have been filled with me running a body-memory obstacle course. I have struggled with depersonalization, derealization, disordered eating and body horror. My conscious forgets all that I have been through, but my body reminds me at every anniversary. Almost four years ago I had a tumor removed from my left orbital bone. I woke up to my own voice crying for my three-month-old daughter. She was placed in my arms briefly. My

I try to do something that scares me every day. Why? Personal growth. I’m a fan of it. So, true stories, videos of myself are very much not my favorite. But I decided to not overthink (FIRST TIME EVER) and make a video in one go that I would share. I’m happy the camera was pointed the right way and there were no wardrobe malfunctions. I tend to overcommit. I hope you loved this. I’ll be making more videos. You can bet I’ll overthink it first next time, but it will

Whenever I run into a talented artist, I wish I had a much larger online following so I can promote the heck out of them and help them achieve their dreams. Sometimes I wish it so hard I forget it’s not true. Then I make sweeping, self-aggrandizing statements about how ginormous my international network is, so let’s do a video/photo sesh/interview! It’ll be great! Ahem. Then I land back on Earth, and I swear I try to talk myself back down enough that I fit inside the humble little bubble

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