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New to The Docks? Click here for Episode 1. *** Would I have taken this path if I had known where it would lead me? Here is the road, stretched out in front of me. I know it winds and twists. It’s twisted me around already. But it is so long, it stretches for miles in front of my eyes. Out over the horizon it goes, and only when I get there do I see what curves I’ve followed. Hundreds of loops. I’ve gone away and back again only to be

New to The Docks? Click here for Episode 1. *** “I was doing it for both of you!” Jana was yelling. Bria gaped at her even though she had purposefully provoked her sister. Bria had been trying to get a rise out of Jana. She was just so angry with her sister. So stretched to the limit due to the strain Jana was causing on her bond with Helene. Bria had been yelling, but she dropped her voice to a reasonable level. “What I don’t understand is why you think you

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