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“I’ve met many men, but there are two types I meet most often: The Anthropologist and The Savior.  “The first sees me as a sensual beauty. My olive skin and big, brown eyes are exotic. My “beauty” is noted. I should model. And is it true that Lebanese women are wild in bed? The Anthropologist is often sexist. A cultural saveur. An asshole in clothing just waiting to take mine off. He wants to plummet my depths, discover me like I’m a new land, plant his flag pole in me

My seven-year-old son had been asking to have his ears pierced for months. I initially hedged because I grew up with very traditional gender expectations. After reading up on body autonomy and parenting (via the Facebook newsfeeds of my progressive parent friends), my husband and I had a conversation. Neither of us really felt ready to have our boy’s ears pierced, so why was it okay to have our daughter’s done? We waited until she asked us. Until we were sure she was sure. But we let her get earrings at three. Our son

[Image description: A rainbow arcing over the words #yesallgenders set on a white background. Beneath is a blue background which reads “The Honeyed Quill and On the Verge with Shareen Mansfield all peoples and all genders regardless of presentation, identification or orientation. We believe the change that makes our world a better place starts with saying yes. Join us.” Accompanied by links to and]

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