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Dear Wonderful Friends, I haven’t been present here at The Honeyed Quill nearly as much as I’d like, but for good reason. I’ve been publishing work with some of my favorite sites, developing pieces for others, teaching at the Spring WriteAway Retreat, and co-creating courses for local and online instruction. This has happened in addition to my usual client hours. I’ve been the best kind of busy. The kind that makes me want to slap exclamation points and shouty caps all over this post as I write it. But I’m

Join me on January 16, 2016 from 9AM to 5PM in Unity of Bloomington’s beautiful chapel to write your sacred self! During this full day writing retreat, you will enjoy meditative practices coupled with writing prompts to enter a space of deep self reflection. Once there, you will consider what wants to be released and record it on the page. You will have the choice to share your work and will create an action plan for continuing (or ending) the stories you’ve engaged. There will be a one hour break

for my birthday give me solitude a chair to call my own no warm bodies running circles no eyes weighing seconds spent not returning a loving gaze give me no one to witness or swaddle cook for or kiss give me the skies permission to land near a cottage some secluded space send my laptop dark chocolate paper and pen just in case send me roses if you like I will sniff them but I make no promises to think of you except with relief you have not come along

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