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I’ve talked about relief objects and projects a little bit before. If you’d like to read what I wrote, go here. This video explores ways you can find an object that will grant you the greatest release. I hope you enjoy the video. Bonus points if you leave me a comment. Double bonus points if you hear where I did a word swap. Do you have a relief object? Take a few seconds to tell me what it is and why it works for you below!

*While this post is tailored toward trauma writing, relief projects and objects are necessary to any type of writing, especially when writing is your livelihood. ~~~ It’s very easy to get overwhelmed or burn out when you are heavily focused on one project such as a novel or personal essay. When I work, I generally have between three and five pieces I am writing at the same time. This allows me to switch gears without sacrificing productivity. Because the topics I choose to engage in writing most frequently focus on

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