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Do you have a THQ blog button on your site? I’d love to see you update it with one of the following buttons featuring my new porcupine logo. You know this guy’s been in the honey, but he’s surviving his story one step at a time. These are 500×500 images. To use them with WordPress, right click and save the image. Add it to an image widget with a link back to or to your specific post if you have guested here. Maybe you show up to survive your

I gave myself permission to love my site this month. It’s funny how we have to give ourselves permission to come first. I practice this every day with parenting. If I don’t tend to my emotional needs first, I’m far less able to deal with my offspring. But what about work? Is that also true? What I’ve noticed about myself is that I LOVE working for other people. I will always complete another’s project before my own. Because I enjoy it, I’ve never really stopped to think about how much

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