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I moved every one or two years as a child. House to house, town to town, state to state. We were not a military family. We were chasing the American dream, I guess. A path up out of debt. My husband and I bought a house when Noah was six months old. We chose a two-story home with an open floor plan so we could keep track of our bouncing baby boy. When I say “bouncing,” by the way, I mean it. Noah bounced happily on his bottom from room

Happy New Year, Honeyed Quill readers! Thank you for journeying with me through 2015. I was told by friends and mentors throughout the year that my star was rising. I took that to mean I was on the right track in developing myself as a writer and coach. 2015 was fraught with difficult transitions that coupled with growth. I am very satisfied by what I have accomplished and hope to continue growing my writing presence and coaching “brand.” I love supporting individuals as they write through trauma. Coaching is truly

The New Year’s resolution has long been a source of personal failure. As a child, I would handcraft a list of behavioral changes and specific goals I intended to accomplish the following year. I imagined that midnight on December 31st was as magical as Santa. I would wake on New Year’s Day refreshed and improved, capable of success in every imaginable way. I was wrong. Every year I was wrong until I began to despise the changing of the calendar. I was not going to write X number or words

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