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Not up for the Four Paws for Noah Writing Competitions? Why not help us out by offsetting competition costs? When seeking donations from local businesses for the cash prizes, I was repeatedly told that because Four Paws for Noah is not an established nonprofit organization, business policies prevent financial support. Individuals have donated enough to cover the costs of hosting the competition with Submittable. The remaining cash prizes are currently coming out-of-pocket. All donations made through this button will be used for prizes in the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge and the

Writing through Trauma begins tonight! I am so excited for the women I will get to write with. Trauma writing has moved me through some terribly difficult times. I learned to write my trauma from my childhood therapist. My mother helped me continue throughout my life because she knew that I am a person who processes seriously and slowly. Without the support of the page, I can’t speak to what my life would look like, although I’m certain it wouldn’t be filled with the joys I have access to daily. The short

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