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Trigger warning: domestic violence, gun violence Anniversary Hail to the guardians of sleep, for one year ago last night, they stood at the foot of my bed, or at the entrance to the baby’s room, in shifts, maybe even drugged him out cold on the couch so I might still have my head when I woke. Hail to the living room drywall, which absorbed fists meant for me the next morning, didn’t care if he tore it to shreds, and he did. Hail to my broken laptop, my broken phone, my

Dear Woman, Stop it. Stop. It. Stop all of it. You are not a victim. You are a survivor. You get to choose what you will experience. So, file those papers. Pack his bags. Leave them on the doorstep. Change the locks. Invite friends over. Have them block the garage doors with their cars. Ask them to stay the night. This man you married, you owe him nothing. There were good times. There was love. You had hope. You put in the time. But what you had slipped away years

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