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I have written my body with many voices. I have written it sideways and from underneath. I have recorded it from the outside while shuddering at what is inside. I have recorded from the inside while shuddering at my outside. I know myself, my scars, the physical and emotional layers I carry. I mourn what is lost and mull over what is gained. Rarely  have I viewed my body with joy. How can I love my body with all it has been through? How, when I have been taught by

No affiliate links included. I have a long and sordid history with hair products. They don’t work. My hair is big and thick and sometimes coarse. Sometimes it has extreme curl. Sometimes it has patches of wave. Sometimes it obeys me. Most of the time it does not. So I have bounced from product to product, never maintaining loyalty, unless you count the six months I went shampoo free because why not? Nothing else was working to make my hair manageable. (For the record, that didn’t work either.) I connected

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