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#LinkYourLife(rs), I apologize. I am private person. I know it’s hard to believe considering the amount of TMI that went on last Friday. Not to mention the flirting with Tom Angel and the epic level of bonding achieved with @Ruebi_LHB over zombies and Allison over her amazing motivational posts. Many of you knew I was putting together the round up as well as the only Twitter #LinkYourLife party hostess. (Shawna was busy winning at FaceBook. If you haven’t joined the FB group, go here now.) Many of you also knew I recently

It’s funny how I sometimes have to confess a thing out loud in order to move past it. I prefer the page. It is often less vulnerable. I can delete or destroy far more quickly than I compose, but confession? I can’t take that back or float those words into my ocean’s dark histories. Last week I expelled tears in a combustible series of necessary verbal purges. This had nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with the spirit. I was deliberate in my conversations, pushing words past the

Friends, we did it. We grew #LinkYourLife beyond anything I can keep up with in a roundup. By teaming up with #BluSkyFriday, we more than doubled participation and readership. While I would love to link you all right here on my space, I think I am going to have to take a lesson from #1000Speak and #WeekendCoffeeShare and create a master space where you can link yourselves. In the meantime, I am toying with the idea of a “best of” or highlighting links from random time periods throughout the day.

If you enjoy understatements, here’s one: healing after trauma is hard work. I often find my lips have glued themselves shut when my therapist zeros in on the traumas most alive in me. I’d be terrible at poker. But here’s the thing–I’m great at putting my head down and getting through. I am strong in multiple ways. When it comes to healing, I don’t give myself a break. We found the tip of the iceberg? Great. Let’s haul that whole sucker out of the water and chip it into slush

If we were having coffee, I’d wink at you and smile. Why? Another Friday and more lives linked. Yesterday’s linkup was particularly powerful. I am a life blogger. I am also a writing coach with a passion for understanding what makes people tick. I don’t believe any person is two-dimensional, but social media makes us seem that way. We share only the extra-good or extra-bad creating a flat digital impression of ourselves. Here, friend, let me refill your cup. Stay awhile. What I want to say is people are complicated. It

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