I’ve been busy these last two years. You can read me all over the internets. I think that’s pretty cool. Here is a linked list of lots of my work. I’ve separated the writing into three categories: Publications, Interviews and Guest Posts.

P.S. I am still running Friday guest exchanges. Find out more by following the link.



“Passing on Privilege” Raising Mothers

“An Open Letter to My Friends and Family: I Am Surviving” Huffington Post

“Why I Passed for White” Medium: The Archipelago

“Anxious All Over” Stigma Fighters

“The Letter No One Wrote My Mother” The Manifest-Station

“Female Seeks Power” Open Thought Vortex Magazine

“The Magic of Carpet Rides” Stories of Good on (link currently unavailable)

“Scars that Wear Me” Open Thought Vortex Magazine

“20 Ways 9/11 Changed My Life as an American Muslim” Huffington Post

“Love Always Wins: A Same Sex Wedding in a Post-RFRA Era” Equally Wed

Wishing for Home in Lebanon” [wherever]

Why I Don’t Hide My Cosmetic Surgery from My Children” RoleReboot

“In Solidarity with Those Who Self-Harm” Open Thought Vortex Magazine

“Rape and Rubio” with Shareen Mansfield on RAWr Words

“How to Overcome Your Fear and Turn Your Demons into Art” Huffington Post

“How a Cello Healed My Heart” Open Thought Vortex Magazine

“Parenting, Fear and Denial of Birthright” Raising Mothers

“6 Tips for Surviving Seasonal Affective Disorder” Huffington Post


Right Kind of Woman” Art Saves Lives International

“The Phone Call from Kayfoun” ArabComment (link currently unavailable)


“For My Darker Sister” and “Anthropology” Exit 7, Spring 2017

Fluid” Sacred and Subversive

“Fruit” Open Thought Vortex Magazine

“I Don’t Want to Adult this Weekend” Open Thought Vortex Magazine

“Safe Space” with Shareen Mansfield, Open Thought Vortex Magazine

“Relocation” Open Thought Vortex Magazine

“Strange World” with Shareen Mansfield, Open Thought Vortex Magazine


Trauma survivor teaches writing class to help others” Indiana Daily Student

Why I Teach Trauma Writing  Art Saves Lives International

Guest Posts

Write Now. Worry Later” Another Writing Mom

Surviving All or Nothing Friendship” Old School/New School Mom

I am the author of my story” Bestowing Fire

Of Anthropologists and Saviors” The Relationship Blogger

“I’m Afraid of White Men” Straight White Man Seeks Knowledge

“Healing Ourselves on the Page” Living the Dream

This World is Not Perfect and You Are Part of Why” The Relationship Blogger

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