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I gave myself permission to love my site this month. It’s funny how we have to give ourselves permission to come first. I practice this every day with parenting. If I don’t tend to my emotional needs first, I’m far less able to deal with my offspring. But what about work? Is that also true? What I’ve noticed about myself is that I LOVE working for other people. I will always complete another’s project before my own. Because I enjoy it, I’ve never really stopped to think about how much

Several months ago I put out a call for guest writing. It has naturally evolved into a survival series here on The Honeyed Quill. Since I work with individuals on surviving their stories by writing for release and recovery, this makes sense. It still surprises me, though. Every time I scroll through my guests’ work, I step back and marvel at not only what I am trusted with (I coach each piece that comes my way which can take weeks or a day depending on the individual’s relationship with their story),

by Kim Jorgensen Gane I wrote “Trigger Warning: Mothering Boys” months before the news of the Stanford rapist’s sentence infiltrated every social media platform, and rightly so. These were my words, my truth. I wrestled with them. I worked with Shawna to make better sense of them. To be clear. To find the love in the experience and be able to express that, too. I read the words before a live audience. My dad was in the audience. My mom was. My brother left before I read my piece. We

A member of the #LinkYourLife community is hurting and has asked for help. No doubt someone among us is hurting and is afraid to ask for help. Let’s team up and link up and blow away that hurt and fear using that power of community and compassion.  You wrote deep and you were exposed. What did it feel like when readers/viewers/listeners witnessed your work? What did it feel like when they challenged your experience? We have all been hurt. Write the hurt. We’ve all had a moment of regret. Write

There are two years of my life I don’t remember. They say your mind protects you when you are the most vulnerable, refusing to form memories. These two years occurred when another family was staying with us. The mother was abusive. I have two very strong memories from that period–one of which was being protected by my sibling from this woman when she was trying to beat me. I once worked with a therapist to repattern some memories. We travelled through my subconcious to the places I was stuck in

I am a writing coach who teaches expressive writing for release and recovery. My classes and retreats are geared toward trauma survivors, many of whom are managing multiple mental illnesses. When Amanda Lauren wrote that it was better her friend died rather than continue her battle with schizo-affective disorder, I along with the rest of the internet was outraged. But this isn’t about her ableist and harmful essay (which has been retracted by xoJane and replaced with a too-little-too-late apology). This is about Lauren’s followup statement to Daily Dot in which

I’ve talked about relief objects and projects a little bit before. If you’d like to read what I wrote, go here. This video explores ways you can find an object that will grant you the greatest release. I hope you enjoy the video. Bonus points if you leave me a comment. Double bonus points if you hear where I did a word swap. Do you have a relief object? Take a few seconds to tell me what it is and why it works for you below!

These events are currently canceled and will be rescheduled ASAP. All registrants have received a full refund. Stay tuned for an update. For Mother’s Day, I announced that I am offering a gift for mothers and others in an update on our GoFundMe. Mothering, this year, has been my most difficult balancing act. I have Noah home full-time, I am working, I run my household and I have been juggling the needs of our other family members, learning to be a dog handler and organizing fundraisers to make certain Appa’s training

Yulia Azriel is a Bloomington yogini who runs Gentle Heart Yoga and Wellness in Bloomington, IN. She regularly offers wellness retreats along with her husband, Gabriel Lantz. Yulia intended to lead yoga at one of my retreats, but our schedules didn’t match up. Instead, she created this amazing video so that all of my students can continue their trauma work from home with a reusable grounding tool. Originally, it was going to be shared only with class participants, but Yulia is the gentle heart she named her business for, and she

  This event is currently canceled and will be rescheduled ASAP. All registrants have received a full refund. Stay tuned for an update.   Life is a carousel, and I’ve been spinning up and down. It is a struggle to value myself as my own boss. Putting price tags on the work I do is an arduous process. I consult with everyone I trust. The writing I coach takes a toll on me, but it also frees me from my own feminine history. I love doing it. Body on the

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