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Friends, the Able in This Diverse Universe essay competition has an amazing panel. We have four judges all of whom have knowledge of/experience in disabilities and/or neurodivergence. All reflections on disabilities, visible or invisible are most welcome. Read on to see who will review your work.   Karrie Higgins is your Word Mage for this competition. She will act as head judge, selecting the winning essays. Taken from her blog, A True Testimony, “Karrie Higgins is a writer in Salt Lake City, Utah, currently at work on “Superman is my Temple Recommend,” a grimoire/memoir about the nexus

Interactions that are routine for many can be unusually difficult for me. The interpretation of aggression in written exchange can spin me right into the earth. Any context-lacking comment on Facebook, a tagged tweet, a cryptic text message . . . I prefer talking face to face and with individuals who are able to meet me at a common place of understanding, who are willing to consider what I have to say without first applying it to themselves. But I prefer to avoid everyone else face to face in order to protect

That’s right! Four Paws for Noah has a third writing competition under its banner and it goes live today. This contest is for nonfiction essays focusing on ableism, disability, access and overcoming. Noah has faced all these themes in his daily life. You can read more about the how and why of this competition on the Submittable page. I hope you will submit your work. Voices are needed on these issues. This is an opportunity to share yours. First place walks away with a cash prize of $250. As an

With the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., #LinkYourLife was quieter this week. Despite it being a slow day, there were an enormous number of excellent links shared. Shareen, my #LinkYourLife partner in crime, spent the day shopping and otherwise in a wardrobe I hope transported her to Narnia because, wow, that mama needs a break. I held down our three forts as best I could, but it really wasn’t too hard because this community really is turning into a family that shows up and pitches in. It’s weird. I love

The main reason I decide to submit my work to writing competitions (aside from that prize potential) is admiration for the judges. There’s plenty of that happening with this competition. So much, in fact, I’m bummed to be coordinating the contest and thereby unable to enter. That limit most likely does not apply to you, so have a seat, pick up your (de)caffeinated beverage, and let me introduce you to my friends. Shareen Mansfield wears her heart like a sweater. When you need a friend, she’s there. When I think

I am having a series of low days. There is context. It makes sense for me to feel the way I do right now, in the middle of multiple one year anniversaries of fear and pain and body horror. I almost died. The doctors wouldn’t tell me what was wrong but I was almost gone and I knew it. And then the pain and fear just kept coming. From June to December I parted with bits of myself. I fractured and was put back together, none of it in a

There are so many amazing hashtags to make use of on Twitter. Here are some of my favorites. Of course, #LinkYourLife is my personal first choice, but there are several that are just fantastic. Not sure what to do with hashtags? Look up the rules for the tag, share a link or image that applies, and include the tag at the end of your tweet. Make sure to tune in to what others are sharing under that tag and retweet any gems you find.

Wow! What an amazing collection! I am going to start right in on the links. There is so much here to explore you may need to bookmark this post! @MelissaBanigan has published several letters collected by the Advice Project. If you aren’t familiar with this project, you should absolutely check it out. It is a healing movement for understand in which women write letters to their 13-year-old selves. I hope you take a moment to review these intimate portraits of life, and recognize the incredible effort Melissa has put in

When I was designing my writing classes, I spent time in reflection on how to ensure all people could feel welcome. As a person who has been repeatedly turned away through discriminatory actions, I find the recent law passed by Mike Pence abhorrent. This piece from intelligently discusses reactions to this law, and points to an alternative choice in choosing where to give your business. Please know that I am an ally. My business serves everyone.

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