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New to The Docks? Click here for Episode 1. *** How could I let this happen? I looked around at the shifting sands, drifting eerily without the wind to move them. Helene stood next to me, her eyes narrowed in the moonlight. “There’s something out here,” she said. She took a sideways step toward me. Our shoulders touched. I shivered with the effort of keeping the wall between us. It wasn’t easy. What Helene was feeling was the raw wound of a lost spouse. She’d been tied to Alan, that much

Need a refresher? New to the Bowl? Click here for episodes 1 and 2. “Easy there, Little One,” my father said when I opened my eyes. He was seated on the edge of my bed. “You must be more cautious, Bria. Your mother is in the other room tearing herself to pieces.” “Can I sit up?” I asked. I felt fine, other than the constant throb of my brain against my skull. He slipped a hand behind my back to ease the transition. “Is it bad?” He touched my forehead.

 Click here to read Episode 1. I watched Helene with her parents through the celebration. They stood frozen against the heat of the blaze, statues amidst the frenzied dance of loss and life. Her parents each kept a hand on her shoulders, which now thin, though they never had before. Their concerned gazes wandered periodically from their daughter to one another. I did my best to ignore the emotional chatter the fresh bond was feeding me from Helene’s mind. My own mother’s voice slid into my ear. “You’ve bonded.” I

I was invited to a bonfire out at the docks.  I’d heard rumors of the place; moving dunes swept up by the winds punctuated by wooden boardwalks that ran a length and dropped off over a sea of sand. Sturdy docks, but old and frightening because there was no one alive who knew when there had last been water enough for a boat to load into this side of Tijlis. No one could imagine what else those docks might have been for. But those rumors were nothing compared to the

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