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Earlier today I had a great FaceTime call with my middle child. She was creating gifs as we spoke. I suggested she play with the header from this site. She did so as we chatted, walking me through the process of using Procreate. Ultimately, this is what she sent me via text:   I love how she has the porcupine chased by the bees, and then two fly away to dot the i’s of the site and slogan. It’s adorable. I’m going to embed it at the end of posts

I have been a fan of Alexis Donkin’s work with global compassion for the last year. I started reading her memoir, Thrive: How I Became a Superhero, and knew immediately she was tribe. In fact, we connected as two writers whose goal is to sow seeds of compassion beginning with self-love. Alexis writes with intention, with respect for herself and the reader, and with incredible open-hearted love for the world. When you need a hug or to know you’re loved, stop in at her site. Seriously. Recently, Alexis launched an

I have struggled in mightily in my marriage. Part of this is due to surviving violence and sexual assault. Part is finding my partner in high school and the two of us growing up together. My husband and I have worked very hard to create a thriving marriage. I have been invited to create a guest post on this topic, so more on that soon. What I want to mention right now is this: Bret and Christine Eartheart are a super couple that has helped us smash patterns of codependency

Whenever I run into a talented artist, I wish I had a much larger online following so I can promote the heck out of them and help them achieve their dreams. Sometimes I wish it so hard I forget it’s not true. Then I make sweeping, self-aggrandizing statements about how ginormous my international network is, so let’s do a video/photo sesh/interview! It’ll be great! Ahem. Then I land back on Earth, and I swear I try to talk myself back down enough that I fit inside the humble little bubble

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