Extraordinary Dreams and Where to Find Them

Dear Wonderful Friends,

I haven’t been present here at The Honeyed Quill nearly as much as I’d like, but for good reason. I’ve been publishing work with some of my favorite sites, developing pieces for others, teaching at the Spring WriteAway Retreat, and co-creating courses for local and online instruction. This has happened in addition to my usual client hours. I’ve been the best kind of busy. The kind that makes me want to slap exclamation points and shouty caps all over this post as I write it. But I’m restraining myself.

Before I burst into exclamation confetti,

let me tell you a bit about ALL THE THINGS. I already shared my Stigma Fighters piece on mothering after abuse, but I failed to fill you in on having work published again in Art Saves Lives International. I was anxiously awaiting the debut of the piece for some time, yet somehow forgot to share that it is up and I am delighted to be given space to voice concerns and experience on issues of social justice. I hope my essay and interview both educate and support. I’m honored to be included alongside many other brilliant art-activists.

And then there was the WriteAway retreat. Three days, women-only, workshops, food, and THE MOST FUN I’ve ever had teaching. I was paired up with YiShun Lai (find her here) who was the yang to my yin just as Ami Hendrickson (find her here) was to Kim Jorgensen Gane (find Kim here). I think I’m going to have to share this amazing experience in greater detail as its own post, so suffice it to say it was an amazing adventure that I would re-embark on today given the chance.


A curious thing happened. I was invited to speak with the Lifelong Learning Center director at Ivy Tech a few weeks ago. He asked if I would like to teach a couple of classes in Fall. Truth be told, I’ve perused the IT catalogues every term since I started at Indiana University. I saw many classes I would either love to teach or take, so I jumped at the chance to co-create classes of my own. I will be teaching not two but FIVE classes starting in August that cover topics of memoir, blogging and publishing. One is specifically for veterans looking to record their own stories. I can’t stop being excited about this turn of events. I’ll update when the catalogue comes out, all shiny and with my name and course descriptions in it!

But there’s more!

I’m also going to be teaching the topic closest to my heart online. Stacia M. Fleegal, new director of the Elizabeth Ayres Center for Creative Writing, asked me to take over her class, Writing through Trauma to Truth. After I was done hyperventilating into a paper bag, I said yes because I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO TEACH WTT AS AN ONLINE COURSE. Together, we have developed a followup course, and I will also be available through EA for coaching. Look! I’m on the site!

I AM SCREAMING RIGHT NOW. I am SO EXCITED! It’s VERY hard to not caps lock this announcement.

Friends, in addition to all the awesomeness, I have a full client docket. I’m still editing submissions for The Relationship Blogger (send me your work: submissions@therelationshipblogger.com). #LinkYourLife is still going strong thanks to the support of an amazing moderation team. And then there is my writing to consider. It’s happening.

Okay. Deep breaths.

What this means going forward is, if you would like to work with me as a coaching client, please find me through EA. For the foreseeable future, I will not be accepting clients privately. However, I will be available to teach workshops and retreats and provide manuscript feedback. Shoot me an email if you want to work with me in those capacities using this form:

Seriously. This is beyond what I imagined for this year. I set a few modest goals, expecting to meet maybe one or two. I’m deeply grateful for the trust placed in me by every student, client and colleague. There is nothing I love more than connecting through art. So, find me in all the places! Let’s connect!

With love,



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  1. I’m screaming, too! Welcome to the Center. Couldn’t imagine a better or more talented fit for for WTT. <3

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  2. Rachel says:

    I am, as always, amazed by you! Congratulations on all the amazing things you have going on, I can’t think of anyone more deserving <3

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