First, I would like to say thank you. Thank you …

Comment on Glass Men: A feminist navigating the world of fragile male egos by Mansplainer.

First, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for omitting that possibility that for as narcissistic as this man was he still asked to bounce ideas off you. That it may have shown that he trust your insight. When he invited you to listen to him “ chitchat “he was also inviting you to crique him. Not in a overly emotional way but in a way that polite and adult. Your problem is (am sorry to “man”splan it) that you’re so full angst from what you’ve been feminist( not factual versions but far leftist Radfem versions)indoctrination that you are unable to “deal” without having it becoming a full confrontation. And you found out other women of the same ilk are having the same issues. But in the usual western feminist fashion …it’s never your fault. What I mean is that you never take the time to reflect or be proactive in solving the issues you feel you’re having. Also, stop using “Wonderwoman” like that…what do I mean? I mean treating the character as if she represents or is a direct reflection of yourselves. If she did than you and your main audience wouldn’t be in this pickle (accuse the pun). You would have gotten over this not by whining to creating a article, ebook, novel, social media accounts, but head on. And weirdly enough is able to work with men just fine. One more thing she is also a heterosexual cisgender women as well…at least for most of DCs continuity.


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