Writer you are coming from a very arrogant point of …

Comment on Glass Men: A feminist navigating the world of fragile male egos by gabrial.

writer you are coming from a very arrogant point of view. if only women of today lived in the last 60 years of constant humiliation of men, belittling them, striping away everything they rightly have because they worked very hard and literally went to war and died for the country that you now, woman, enjoy so much (considering your hatred to men, while you enjoying driving your car and living in a modernized house, flying between countries, and having the computer built by men to bash men and humiliate them by feminist like you), and the other hand 60 years of constant women empowerment, telling women how amazing they are, pushing them, encouraging them to achieve, to compete, to succeed ,to make money, to become the boss in the house, publishing fake stats and fake/false “scientific” research that happened to show how men are less in every aspect of life compare to women, all while encountering young boys to be sensitive and empathic and weak, non-competitive, and basically to shut up, and on top of that to force many laws to took away all rights they have, demonizing and criminalizing any flirtatious behavior of men with women , giving any woman the power to destroy men, with a few word on the internet . and actually destroyed the lives of hundred if million men round the world (again an internet built by men and used now by women, like yourself, to destroy, ridicule and belittle men constantly) . feminist like you dis-empowered, demoralized and took away the identity of men and made them confused and walking on daily basis feeling ashamed, down, unmotivated, weak, powerless, and aimless, all while empowering women in every possible way and with the tax money of the men you and your feminist friend took from the men, you actually destroyed and “killed” . yes think about the suicide rate of men, its a lot more important than allegedly a woman that was touched in the knee by a man 40 years ago. stories like that got more publicity than the pain of hundred of million of men , suffering enormously under the tyrannical regime and propaganda of feminist like yourself.
and after all that to say that men have a fragile ego? are you serious ? do to women what you did to men in the last 60 years and a lot more extremely in the last 20 30 years and you will very fragile egos of women too


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