You know? I loved this. This is what I’ve been …

Comment on Glass Men: A feminist navigating the world of fragile male egos by Raymond Baxter.

You know? I loved this. This is what I’ve been slowly learning over the last four years. There have been times when I’ve seen conversations that I can relate to and wanted to jump in with “not all men” but I’m slowly realising that that comment fractures the conversation and pulls it back onto me and my gender.

I’m slowly learning to just sit there and listen 🙂

Recent Comments by Raymond Baxter

Sexuality and Poetry: Read Me in Sacred and Subversive
Sexuality, I feel, is a deeply unexplored vast expanse. I blame religion and the raging emphasis on sexuality being a sin. The ancient greeks and romans for example, were sexually open. But that’s another story.

I’m looking forward to exploring this 🙂

My Father Killed My Creativity But He Probably Saved My Life
It really does. I didn’t realise how much until I started to do it. That was back in 2012. 🙂

Writing with F-Bombs, Curses and Words of Power
I just had to write something in here. I really enjoyed that piece very much. In essence I don’t like to swear in my writing either. I think it dulls the tone of the writer. Perhaps one or two times I will drop the F-bomb in a post such as one I wrote about Donald Trump earlier, but that was more-so to add effect. Like you said; when the Teacher unexpectedly starts swearing, everyone gasps in shock.

I think I’ll be reading a lot more of your work. I’ve never heard of a writer that helps people overcome trauma; but I do know that it works. Early 2013 I took keyboard to WordPress to record my past discrepancies, traumas, my current struggles and everything that I felt wasn’t being heard. You know? It worked. And I became really good with emotions and writing.

So I started a real blog eventually.

I’ll be following you, lovely piece 🙂


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