Thank you for the Round Up, Shawna. Many moving and …

Comment on The #LinkYourLife Community Roundup Dec 16 Edition by Charli Mills.

Thank you for the Round Up, Shawna. Many moving and thoughtful reads this week.

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How I Use Nightmares to Make Dreams Come True
Thank you for writing this because it’s validation I needed for my own healing.

Examining the Election Aftermath from a Child of Color’s Perspective
I’m the neighbor on the other side of you saying this is wrong and I will act, speak out and shelter you. It’s going to be a rough season, but a different kind of unity, one rooted in our stories, can prevail.

Vanna Diana is in for Repairs
I still remember it! Ha, ha! And I have a great aversion to the critters!

Vanna Diana is in for Repairs
Aw, Vanna Diana, return home soon to your family! What a great name! Growing up, we once had a mouse in the car. It nibbled into the padded ceiling and fell out en route somewhere right onto my lap. I still recall the terror! Try putting peppermint soaked cotton balls in the seat. That supposedly keeps the critters out of vehicles and campers. At least it will smell like candy canes!

I See Your Power Play and Raise You an Open Heart
“Especially privileged people, and especially especially privileged people who recognize their privilege but consider themselves sensitive and believe others must see them that way. Individuals vulnerable not from their hearts, but from their egos.” Well said! That frightens me, too as I have had much to overcome in my life and I’m at a place where I can see how hard it is for others to rise up without help. We need to create a synergy of love and kindness. Be open to curiosity about one another, find connections and relevancy. It really isn’t that hard to do with an open heart.


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