The Survive Your Story Holiday Writing Guide

I am so excited because I am FINALLY launching an email campaign. The Survive Your Story Holiday Writing Guide is all about freeing yourself from the stress of the holiday season (and the end of 2016, right?) by using some of my favorite prompts and tools to release and recover.

Wondering if this is for you?

You DO NOT need to have ANY experience writing to take advantage of this course. You engage the prompts on your own terms.

If this sounds good to you, you can join the Survive Your Story Mailing list right now.

The Survive Your Story Holiday Writing Guide

The first email in the series goes out Thursday, December 8th.

Starting late? No worries. I’ve made the campaign public. Sign up and you can access everything you’ve missed. You will also get prompts, news, freebies and exclusive product and course discounts in the future.

Actually, freebies start now!

Want a place to keep your thoughts? Download The Survive Your Story Holiday Journal. Print, fold in half and get writing. It’s simple, but it’s yours. As to freebies, this is just the beginning.

I look forward to writing with you this holiday season.

* Disclaimer: I am not a mental health or medical professional. This guide is a free tool to be used responsibly by the recipient at their own discretion. Write responsibly. 

Shawna Ayoub

Shawna Ayoub is an essayist, fiction writer, poet and instructor with an MFA in creative writing from Indiana University. Some of her work has been published in The Manifest-Station, Role Reboot, [wherever], The Huffington Post, The Oxford Review and Exit 7. Her writing explores the intersections of race, place and survivorship. She writes with honesty about her own experience in order to transform pain.

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