by Jessica Boyce

It would a simple thing,
to take the pain away,
to end the battle of my mind,
And yet I choose to stay.
My mind, so quick to anger,
and pain cuts to the bone,
yet I force myself onward,
For I am not alone.
One soul, he is my other half,
would be broken and bereft,
and children that are precious,
would not know why I left.
I am proud of my survival.
It is my saving glory.
The beasts that smeared and stained me,
They will not write my story.
I will continue fighting,
I’ll keep the demons at bay.
Yes, to end this would be a simple thing.
Yet still, I choose to stay…

Jessica Boyce is a mother of six in Vermont. Her family is fundraising to build a home that better suits the needs of her child, Jeremiah, who was born with a rare chromosomal anomaly. Read more about her family here, and find more of her writing at The Warren.


why i stay


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