Writing to Save Ourselves

Worry can consume our creativity if we let it. Writing is therapy for me. I teach it as a tool in the self-care kit. Denying myself writing is denying my own recovery, and I have met and worked with many others for whom this is true. This is why I frequently find myself advising that we write now and worry later. Shove the concern about who will see our work if it will even be seen at all and just get it out so we don’t become buried in our stories.


I admit that I am guilty of not taking my own advice. Especially lately. I have been in the midst of a powerful shift in my personal landscape, and I have not been writing about it with full honesty. Sometimes, I haven’t written at all. Why? Because I have been consumed by what would happen if anyone read my words.

Following that train of thought is not fair to myself. For one thing, I never have to share what I’ve written. For another, writing is how I keep my heart safe. Not writing is an act of self-destruction.

It’s interesting that Stacia M. Fleegal connected with me to write about my oft-shared advice to write now and worry later as my portion of our writing exchange. I fulfilled her request and she published the piece just when I needed to read it. Just when I needed my own advice.

Read my essay on Another Writing Mom, “Write Now, Worry Later”.

My advice came full circle. I have been in the midst of a creative death. Rereading the words I’ve offered so many others reminded me that with every death, there is a birth.

Oh yeah, I said to myself. I’m in the midst of creative birth. That’s why it hurts so much. 

Maybe this is you. Maybe this was you. Maybe this will be you. I hope that if you write, you always write, and if you’ve stopped you start again. If worry is getting in your way, please hop over to Stacia’s site and read a story there (linked above) about putting the concern aside and engaging your own truth.

Happy writing!

If you would like to join the #SurviveYourStory Writing Exchange, learn more here.


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  1. Stacia says:

    Happy to host your words and spirit on awm, Shawna. Any time, especially when the advice is as critical as this. xoxo SMF

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