I love you most
when you are drifting under
the wings of nightmares
my ear against the grain
of your closed wooden door

I miss you most
when you sleep twisted
in the fear you will
slip the tether
lose your one, small soul.

Rest, child.
I will hold your string
you are the gift I prayed for
when I fed blood
to Mother Earth.


All of my children struggle with nightmares, but especially one. I find myself waiting at his door listening with my heart as he whimpers. We are always catching him as he runs screaming down the hall, heart pounding with the anxiety that so often comes with intelligence. I am proud he tries to sleep every night even though the nightmares are waiting.

This was written in response to Day 15 of the 30 Day #LinkYourLife Challenge.


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  1. Rachel says:

    Nightmares are a hard thing <3. I remember dealing with them as a kid – my parents would always say "You can always come in to us, but if you're too scared to get out of bed say a prayer and Heavenly Father will help you too."

    Oh, to have the faith of a child again.

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