I love this, Shawna! I like how it starts funny …

Comment on A Letter to the Sister I Ate in Utero by Stacia.

I love this, Shawna! I like how it starts funny and ends on a sad note, and how despite “absorbing” this possibly fictional sister in utero, you still kind of had a relationship with her…good stuff. xo

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Extraordinary Dreams and Where to Find Them
I’m screaming, too! Welcome to the Center. Couldn’t imagine a better or more talented fit for for WTT. <3

Refining Our Stories on the Page as a Path to Recovery: The healing power of writing
This is just gorgeous–well-organized with a healthy balance of personal and universal, and advice or guidance for both writing and personal healing. I think you have a great framework here for guiding others to the balm the page can be. Stunning work. <3

Facing Adversity with an Open Heart
Offering you a hand in return, my dear. Lovely honesty, as usual. Hope you’re well. <3

Learning How to Disappear
There is so much thoughtfulness in showing but not naming the threat–the image of the sheets “march[ing] off the laundry line” and the “pointed shadows.” A child wouldn’t know in so many words, and the adults probably wouldn’t explain it, either, only firmly but gently insist upon quiet. This poem gave me chills. I wish safety for you, your family, and all the families like yours who remember and fear. <3

Help Me Stay Safe
Always here to talk to you when you need an ear. Thank you for this brave piece that clarifies a hallmark of healing from trauma: when someone says to a survivor “you have hurt me,” the survivor often fears that means “now I am going to hurt you.” Your willingness to integrate your own healing journey into your writing and professional work is commendable, and it’s empowering for others like me who are trying to do the same. Love to you. <3


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