I have struggled in mightily in my marriage. Part of this is due to surviving violence and sexual assault. Part is finding my partner in high school and the two of us growing up together. My husband and I have worked very hard to create a thriving marriage. I have been invited to create a guest post on this topic, so more on that soon. What I want to mention right now is this: Bret and Christine Eartheart are a super couple that has helped us smash patterns of codependency and create more joy in our love and in our lives. 


Pictured are Christine and Bret. They actually do look at each other this way all the time. It’s inspirational.

We broke old patterns by taking the Thrive in Love couples retreat pictured above. (People who know me, do this retreat! We can meet up for meals! Or possibly there because it’s worth doing twice and we’ve been talking about repeating that amazing experience.)

Bret and Christine Eartheart are the most intentionally compassionate and dedicated couple I know. I know them both professionally and as friends. I have watched them grow a business centered on joy discovery. In that process, I have witnessed both of them flourish individually and together.

I am very cautious with my professional recommendations, but I have sent many close friends to Bret and Christine because they embody what they teach.  

I am so excited I have been invited to support the growth of their business beyond Bloomington, IN. Now you can work with them very easily anywhere in the world by signing up for their Thriving Sex Life e-course.

Here are some reasons from Bret and Christine why you will benefit from their Thriving Sex Life e-course:

For most of us adults, the sex education we grew up with was shame-based and fear-based and focused on preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, NOT on…

– how to fully love our bodies and honor both ourselves and our beloved

– how to effectively, openly, and lovingly talk about sex with our partners in ways that bring us closer (rather than lead to conflict)

– how to find your way around your PLEASURE anatomy (beyond where babies come from!)

– how to boost your sex drive during a lull

– how to reignite the spark after times of transition (having kids, loss of a loved one, etc.)

– how to navigate attraction to others in committed relationships

– how to experience your fullest pleasure potential

– how sexuality + spirituality can be lifelong friends

– how to find the sex toys that perfectly fit for you

– what to do when you and your beloved want different things

– how to keep passion alive and ever-growing in long-term love


These people are not Christine and Bret and I am glad because Bret is my therapist.

And in case you are a local reader or maybe want to take me up on meeting for meals, Christine leads a Joy Potential retreat. She is like pixie dust and sunshine all the time combined with an obvious brilliance when it comes to understanding the human condition, but in a somehow non-obnoxious way. Being around her has the effect of banishing gloom and raising your joy IQ. If you’ve ever wanted to meet a Care Bear in person, Christine is the closest you’ll get. And while her joy is intentional (and she will teach you how to be intentionally joyful), she is 100% genuine. In fact, in our house, we have a saying. It may seem familiar:

What would Christine do?

We use this when we are stuck in negative thought patterns or need to bust anxiety. We actually try to embody Christine’s joyful physical energy, and when we do, the situation inevitably turns around, the silver lining is revealed, and happiness is rediscovered.

I am delighted to be an affiliate for the Center for Thriving Relationships because what they have to offer is directly in line with the personal healing so many of my friends and clients need. I truly believe in their mission and abilities. I hope you’ll take advantage of what they have to offer and find more joy in every area of your life.



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