Joy (and Porcupines) in the Workplace

I gave myself permission to love my site this month. It’s funny how we have to give ourselves permission to come first. I practice this every day with parenting. If I don’t tend to my emotional needs first, I’m far less able to deal with my offspring. But what about work? Is that also true?

What I’ve noticed about myself is that I LOVE working for other people. I will always complete another’s project before my own. Because I enjoy it, I’ve never really stopped to think about how much I love completing my own work. When I did, I recognized that I had created an imbalance for myself. It looked like this: Every time I sat down to accomplish an item from my personal goals list, I would accomplish two or three for each other client first. Then I was out of time, so I put off my goal until the next chance I had to sit down at which point I repeated the same process. I don’t believe it has affected the quality of my work for clients, but I do believe it has lessened my overall joy.


I am now correcting course. Part of that is returning to fundraising for our service animal (not a porcupine). But a bigger part of it is stepping back into  my greatest passion: teaching. One-on-one coaching and group classes are my passion. I have so many other interests, it was fine to let those slide for awhile. But the school year is starting, Bloomington is filling back up with eager minds, and I am more than ready to establish classes again. In fact, I have had two different facilities contact me about my survivor workshops. It’s time!

Many of my clients are referred from therapists or mental wellness programs. They are sent to my workshops because expressive writing is a tool proven useful in personal healing. It’s not one you can lose. Often, referrers ask me if I provide scholarships. Whenever possible, I do!

So, while I gear up for a different big reveal, please pop in and shop and The Honey Stop, where you can purchase a growing handful of items that directly benefit individuals in need by covering the cost of coaching and classes.

To current clients, don’t worry! This will not affect my ability to complete current projects. I’m very excited about what I am doing with each of you. I am simply making sure I do at least one of my list items every day. I hope you are doing the same for yourselves.


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  1. Norah Colvin says:

    I’m so pleased you are scheduling time for your own projects, Shawna. It is definitely important to do so.

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