I tend to under think material things, sometimes to my …

Comment on Winter is Coming by Rachel Hanson.

I tend to under think material things, sometimes to my detriment, haha. I’ll get rid of things and Nathan will realize weeks (or months) later that the thing is gone.

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Finding Self-Acceptance through Persistent Triggers
Shawna, you are always an amazing example to me. I am so glad you are taking time for yourself <3.

Extraordinary Dreams and Where to Find Them
I am, as always, amazed by you! Congratulations on all the amazing things you have going on, I can’t think of anyone more deserving <3

Parenting is Hard and I Don’t Like It
I hear this <3. Is it any different when your kiddos are knowingly pushing boundaries? E and A both push my boundaries, but at 3 and 1 I can tell myself they're still learning and redirect them. We do need a break.

Say No to Boxes
I am with Robert, I can’t imagine any other way to do it. My goal this year started out as “write every week about a specific topic” and now I’m just like “write every week.” Sometimes that’s a quote, sometimes it’s a longer post. Just something every week to get that little whatever-it-is out of my soul and on to the page.

I love your words and am so grateful for when they come <3. You are amazing!

Parenting is Hard and I Don’t Like It
Oh my goodness, so much THIS!

There are days when I love parenting. I love seeing tiny glimpses that indicate my hard work is paying off. Those moments when my baby can entertain herself for a few minutes, the increasing times when my toddler takes deep breaths and slowly breathes out “like blowing out birthday candles.”

But the time in between those moments is a hard fought slog of challenging situations that I do not love.


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