I sing in jazz clubs under the name Shadia. My following saw a swell in my mid-twenties. My voice has always been husky and a bit low.

I love singing under dim lights to live music. I love having a secret life, somewhere I can go when parenting becomes too much. When I’m tired of the sun or the rain or the busy-making of today’s “music.”

What I like about performing is that I’m seen, but I’m also part of the background. My voice is a prop for falling in love. It’s like working magic. I’m priestess of the microphone.

Cocktail dresses and drinks sent up. My hair straightened and then rolled in oversized curlers. Pair that ‘do with ruby red lipstick and I could be a heartbreaker instead of a mom juggling three kids and a dog, face stiff from the chaotic worry that one of the four will poof! disappear when walking a twenty foot stretch of sidewalk.

Shadia. The name my parents almost gave me.

Jazz singer. What I must have been in another life.

Me on a stage? Nope. Not this gal. But it’s a pretty picture, isn’t it? I enjoyed drawing it in my mind.

Do you have a secret identity? I’ve had this one all my life. I shared it as Day 7 of the 30 Day #LinkYourLife Challenge.


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  1. Great name. My middle name would be my secret identity & my job would be epic. Started this challenge.

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