I need to figure out some relief objects. I’ve had …

Comment on How to Discover Your Best Tool for Artistic Recovery by Drew Sheldon.

I need to figure out some relief objects. I’ve had some in the past without naming them so but nothing at the moment. Thank you.

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Forged in Fire
I hope you keep letting go. It is such an inspiration to me.

What’s Your Problem With My Gluten-Free Diet?
I hear similar crap when I refuse to eat something made with alcohol. I always hear the refrain, “Well, the alcohol gets cooked off.” But what if it wasn’t? And why can’t I just make my own choice? Whether a little gluten will hurt you or not is not something I would really know and certainly not for me to decide. So keep doing you. To hell with these fools.

New Pricing for Memorial Day Retreats Body, Heart on the Page
So the message I’m taking from this is: You’re priceless. I agree. I’m not sure if I can make it, but it has brought me some inspiration. So one way or another, I’ll be sending a little money your way.

Welcome to the Indiana Bigotry Parade!
Wow. Tell Shawna I want more Melanie.

Confessions of an Almost-Abuser
I’ve been this. I know people like this who lack your self-awareness. I’m sharing this. Thank you for your courage in sharing it.


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