It’s the 30 Day #LinkYourLife Challenge!

#LinkYourLife has just passed it’s one year birthday and our hashtag community is thriving. Thanks to Shareen‘s warm and fuzzy recruitment tactics, Fridays are hopping both on Twitter and Facebook. #LinkYourLife has spun off in many directions beginning with first Fridays of the month when we tag with #LinkYourCompassion. There are the #LinkYourLife #lovequotes many of us have been creating and sharing as a way to appreciate the people we read through #LinkYourLife.


We have worked to incorporate others’ tags  (such as the awesome #ShareInspireConquer from @BestowingFire) and promote all participants by engaging each other’s work, not just sharing it. And now there is the 30 Day #LinkYourLife Challenge brought to you by Devon Hall of SynDolly. Devon recommended this course of action, and since I prompt people for half my living, I jumped up and down, clapped my hands, and put my teacher brain to work.

“What should a #LinkYourLife writing challenge look like?” I asked.

Well, #LinkYourLife is all about taking connections deeper. My work and writing is about going deeper. The Honeyed Quill will soon formally launch #SurviveYourStory. Open Thought Vortex is a hub to support writers and artists as they dig deeper. As co-hostesses and #soultwin besties, Shareen and I are on the same page when it comes to meeting and greeting each other beyond the internet plane. This thirty day challenge should reflect the tenets of #LinkYourLife–the ideas from which our expanding community has formed.

Consider this challenge a syllabus. You can start it at any point. You can end it at any point. But the challenge is to engage the thirty prompts over thirty consecutive days. (Please note that the #LinkYourLife birthday cash giveaway is currently open to entry and writing on any of these prompts will count as an entry. Just tag @ShareenM and @shawnamawna on Twitter or link back to this post.) Here’s an image to grab and include with each post:

Copy of 30 day #LinkYourLife blogging challenge

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Day 1: Write a letter introducing yourself to the world as you are now.
Day 2: Write a letter introducing who you were.
Day 3: What do you do when you are offline?
Day 4: Explore a happy memory.
Day 5: Explore a troubling memory.
Day 6: Write a false memory.
Day 7: Give yourself a new name and profession.
Day 8: Describe what is outside the nearest window and how it relates to your life.
Day 9: Describe your child (real, imagined or inner).
Day 10: Write a letter to your mother/father/sister/brother telling them something new.
Day 11: Write a letter to a favorite blogger letting them know why they are important to you.
Day 12: Make a playlist of songs you grew up with. Don’t forget YouTube links!
Day 13: Share two truths and a lie in a video/image/blog post.
Day 14: What are you afraid of?
Day 15: What are you proud of?
Day 16: Where have you traveled or where do you want to travel?
Day 17: Coffee or tea? Why?
Day 18: Write a recurring dream you’ve had (or just a dream you remember). Make sure you tag @ShareenM on Twitter!
Day 19: How old were you when you had your first [fill in the blank]?
Day 20: What is something you’ve never shared before or never thought you’d share?
Day 21: We’ve all had an ugly sweater. What did/does yours look like?
Day 22: What is an aspect of yourself you are struggling to accept?
Day 23: Morning or night?
Day 24: Open a book and look at the third line. Write what this reminds you of?
Day 25: Where do you get stuck?
Day 26: Tell us about a pattern you are trying to break.
Day 27: What is a hidden skill you possess?
Day 28: How do you change the world every day?
Day 29: What is a personal goal you are working to achieve or are proud to have achieved?
Day 30: Write a letter to someone you met through #LinkYourLife. Only name them if it feels right to you.

When responding, you can use images, video or text to respond. These can be as short or as detailed as you like. It’s always a great exercise to try and set a scene. Make the bed for your reader and draw back the covers. But don’t feel pressured. This is meant to be 1) fun and 2) a way to get to know each other better.

Happy blogging!

P.S. Don’t forget to put a #LinkYourLife blog button up on your site. Find it here.


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