Make Every Day a Love Day

A couple of weeks ago, Shareen and I launched #LinkYourLife #lovequotes.


What blows my mind about this is that other #Lifers jumped on the bandwagon and started sharing quotes they love. Anyone can do this. Just read #LinkYourLife tagged posts. When you find a line you love, pull a quote, put it on an image and add #LinkYourLife #lovequotes.

Here are a few of the quotes floating around. Feel free to grab the images and share pass them on.

pablo (5) WTF lovequotes pablo (8) pablo (7) pablo (6) pablo (4) pablo (3) pablo (2) rachelquote pablo (14) pablo (13) pablo (12) pablo (11) pablo (10) pablo (9)

I’ve shifted toward making the quotes sized for Pinterest. If the images are easy to pin, they can be of greater benefit to writers. I hope you’ll join the #lovequotes movement and show your love for the lives you are reading on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere pages host hearts like those I have had the pleasure of hearing through #LinkYourLife.


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