Able in This Diverse Universe Has Its Winners!


I am excited to announce that the Able in This Diverse Universe Essay competition has come to an end. Winners were chosen and notified last week with their prizes mailed on Friday. Karrie Higgins has written a comprehensive post on the winning essays and why they were chosen. Please visit her site using this link to learn more.

Here, I will give you names and titles as well as links to the published pieces. Please note there were no second and third prizes until Shareen Mansfield from Open Thought Vortex jumped on the chance to cover them.

First Prize ($250): joining a stream, grace is still possible by seeley quest

Second Prize ($50)Beauty in Mind by Sean Mahoney

Third Prize ($25): Like Echoes in the Mist by Lizz Schumer

Arlaina Ash won the floating prize of a manuscript consultation up to 20 pages with Karrie Higgins valued at $350.

Congratulations to the winners!

I would like to extend special thanks to judges Charlotte Farhan, C. Streetlights, Jackie Cioffa, Kwame Brown and Karrie Higgins. They were an amazing crew to work with and who made this competition possible. Cee actually volunteered last-minute when there were some schedule overloads.

I’d also like to note that Sean Mahoney donated his prize back to Noah and Appa in a compassionate, love-filled move. Thank you, Sean!

I will publish a post on Wednesday announcing the Grand Prize lottery winner of the Write2theEnd Summer 2016 Workshop as well as the total raised by the Four Paws for Noah competitions thanks to applicants and generous donors.


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