It really does. I didn’t realise how much until I …

Comment on My Father Killed My Creativity But He Probably Saved My Life by Raymond Baxter.

It really does. I didn’t realise how much until I started to do it. That was back in 2012. 🙂

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Healing My Story: Little Girl in the Woods
For me, it’s more-so been effective writing about a direct account of my trauma. Like this is what happened, now I’ll give you it in all its glorious detail.

Life Unplugged Can Mean Life Unhinged
Great thoughts. I think I’ll be doing something similar to this, this summer. If I can afford it.

I want to take Alex out like I used to! Not him on Xbox and me working here. And Nats getting frustrated at both of us!!

Learning to Say No
Exactly right! A hard lesson I had to learn also. Too often were my boundaries non-existent and my life laid bare for others to trample on. Saying “no” to me was absolute. I’ve never liked absolutes. I still don’t, only when discussing friendships or relationships. That’s the only absolutes I have.

Yet saying “no” I have learned through life is only a stop-gap whilst I collect myself to have the power to go on. Like you say.

Lovely post 😀

Reading Triggers, Mental Illness and (ugh) Amanda Lauren
So true, Shawna! I would love to see more people joining us!! 🙂

Reading Triggers, Mental Illness and (ugh) Amanda Lauren
What a beautiful piece of writing. And I agree. I’d have never ever written that I was raped if I hadn’t read other awesome and very real articles from that group. And to revisit my turmoil and put it to screen was so very empowering.

I feel, that despite the progress I have made as a writer since joining your group, and the help I’ve been given has been awesome, but the true progress has been one of the mind. I feel I stand taller and more confident now than I have ever done. And that is the true worth of the experience.

Stay awesome my friend 🙂


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