I wish all those really great things like peace , …

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I wish all those really great things like peace , love, harmony… Then I channel my inner diva & wish that next year we can host #LinkYourLife from yacht off the the island of Bora Bora.

All kidding aside: My wish is for no family to go without . While we eat giant meals, toast each other some are lucky to have clean water or even a place to live. My wish is the goodness in all of us snuffs the darkness out leaving us with the shine of the sparkling stars in the sky. I wish we could wake up to the sun proud & high in the sky warming us, reminding us with its warmth that we are all children of this world.

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How I Use Nightmares to Make Dreams Come True
Lucid dreaming is so important . As you know dreams are intuitive. Great essay!

I keep all my honesty down the barrel of a gun
Absolute, across-the-board, all-inclusive, overall, powerful, sweeping, unconditional -Not enough words to use to cover all the things I have to say. Standing ovation .

An Education in Trust and Teamwork
❤️❤️All my love. Your dreams are worth reaching for. You helped reach mine . It’s only natural to want to be part of something that benefits all who need it ❤️. LinkYourLife- has given me confidante reminding me that I am more than a mom or wife. I Am a human being with needs, filled with complexity and driven by empathy mixed in with a need to support because no one before this group supported me with no strings attached. I have trouble asking for help as well. However, I saw how the far reaching benefits of this ❤️. Always your co-hostest with mostest no strings attached. Just pure support for a wonderful thing!

Understanding and using trigger warnings
I really appreciate that you added abortion to this list. I don’t know how many times I have had to look away from the page because my tears swelled.

My Secret Identity
Great name. My middle name would be my secret identity & my job would be epic. Started this challenge.


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