3 Day Quote Challenge: Sadness Day 2

I started my 3 day quote challenge and used up all my quotes in one go. To be honest, I’m not a quote person. I do enjoy a universal turn of phrase or that observation that makes you turn around to see who has been spying on your life. My issue is I can never remember words in the right order or their attributions.

Because pegasus!

Because pegasus!

So for Day 2 I’m going to link three sites where you can find brilliance in word work. I don’t expect the owners of the sites to begin the challenge themselves. I simply hope you’ll take the time to lose yourself in their truths, because they are all truth-speakers and heart healers alike.

The first writer I’m pointing you to is Karrie Higgins. Read her site for necromancy and ink magic.

The second is Darlene Kriesel. Read her site for wisdom and balance.

The third is Kirsten Clodfelter. Read her site for humor and happiness.

I hope you find yourself lifted.


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