October 19 #LinkYourLife Roundup: The Post-op (un)Medicated Version

#LinkYourLife(rs), I apologize. I am private person. I know it’s hard to believe considering the amount of TMI that went on last Friday. Not to mention the flirting with Tom Angel and the epic level of bonding achieved with @Ruebi_LHB over zombies and Allison over her amazing motivational posts.

Many of you knew I was putting together the round up as well as the only Twitter #LinkYourLife party hostess. (Shawna was busy winning at FaceBook. If you haven’t joined the FB group, go here now.) Many of you also knew I recently had an unspecified surgery. Maybe you thought I had root canal–horrifying thought, trust me! Maybe some of you thought I finally decided to commit to being all about the bass leading to the life-changing decision to get implants in my rear. All kidding aside, what I had done was not a minor surgery. It was quite serious. It had to do with a neurological condition I have which, due to the reaction I get when I say what the condition is, I keep a secret. Here is what you should know:

I have been a writer for a long time. My college scholarship was earned competitively for words on the page. My writing is evolving from a journalistic style/magazine style to something where my voice is heard. You don’t see my credentials. Why? Writers don’t get half the credit they deserve with or without the credentials. Mine don’t matter. What does matter to me is when you see breaks in my sentences or what appear to be grammatical errors, I want you to know it is not because I can’t write or don’t know how to use the lovely editing software we all have on our PCs or Macs. It is because I don’t want to edit myself out.

My neurological condition is serious. I have moments where my writing is clean, sharp, fluid. Then there are those moments when my sentences fall. Shawna typically edits me. This last round up I noticed she left my sentences messy. At first I was like, “Wow! People will think I am stupid. Can’t even type a sentence.” Not the case.

I had two seizures that week. Yet I carried on, honored the work of others on Friday. The decision not to edit out these mistakes gives me some power over my diagnosis. It isn’t that I can’t write. I write what I can when I can and how I can. Censoring me or changing what I wrote is akin to gagging me. Shawna gets that.

Maybe my work is sub-par. Not your cup of tea or you think I am a “bucket of chum.” #LinkYourLife isn’t about that. I am very satisfied with my accomplishments as a writer and student, but this site is not about me. #LinkYourLife is about all of you and those you invite or whose work you share with us. I often link the work of others, not just work that appears on my blog or my favorite bloggers. My favorite bloggers are the ones I connect with. They engage, often messaging me privately!

This week’s round up was special. We had new folks who joined. What I really loved was the positive way that each of you interacted. Many of you took this opportunity to share not just your work, but that of others. There was a sense of community. It felt like a party where everyone mingled. Through what was shared, pieces of all of us were revealed. Pieces were shared the way I reveal pieces on here in the On the Verge e-zine.

Prepare for some shameless self-promotion. Seriously, hold onto your butts, but know I’m sharing because this is important. A few things about OTV: each submission selected I pay for out of my own pocket. I pay an editor to keep this place clean. I am self-funded. This means if I publish your work I believe in you. I want to see you succeed, not compete with you. Same goes for why I so often share the works of others on #LinkYourLife. I invite many to the #LinkYourLife party. Always thrilled when you show up. I hope next Friday we will see more of you doing what you did this week. Invite others. Tell them it’s about the connection. A discovery of sorts.

This “blog” was not created as a space for me. It was created as a space for those of you who I have seen treat others with respect and dignity. Those of you who believe lifting someone up is better than snubbing them. I have shared things with several of you in private messages to be rewarded with a gift I never expected: understanding. Connection. Laughter. I am being honest when I say this. When any of you post, I trust that what you share will connect with me in some way, even if I disagree. The fact that you shared it ensures I will read it. When you invite someone new to share, please remind them that we want them and you  to shamelessly self-promote (without spamming–choose one to two of your own posts that most reflect who your are each week) while encouraging others to also share. By sharing their work, be it a photo, podcast or “appropriate” video you are reminding us all that Art is Art.

If you are new or introducing someone new, please tag @ShareenM on the post. That’s me. I want to show you around. I read everything posted. I will do my best as the co-host to connect you. I will try to connect you based on what you shared or what we have chatted about. I’m in the unique position of having the time to read the posts you share. Keep in mind I don’t just engage your links. I read the work of your followers or people you follow. I encourage you to share, invite or post link the work of others. You don’t even have to invite them. If it moves you, link it. And tag @shawnamawna too. She likes to be in on the party.

As for how I connect on Twitter–many of you will notice I use emoticons often. This isn’t because I don’t want to give you feedback. To the contrary, emoticons are easier for me due to my seizure medication. I have had some great typos or moments when it was assumed it was a typo . . . those darn character limits are my downfall or my saving grace. Yes, I am in fact thrilled Apple reapplies more emoticons.

Emoticons! I can’t lose!

A few more things: #BluSkyFriday and #LInkYourLife Friday make my Fridays fabulous. I often find my #LinkYourLife shares on #BluSkyFriday. Hashtag it. Check it out. I also find a lot of great shares on #BeWow which now has its own Facebook group. If you haven’t checked out what @RonovanWrites has done with his revamping of the site Lit World Interviews as well as the Facebook group,  Be Wow Network of Writers , get over there! Trust me, you don’t want to be missing out. Go there.  Also, the Facebook Group created by @LivinwithBATman (Elena Peters) Blog Share Learn is another amaze-balls group. Both of these creators have rules that are simple to follow. Mostly they are about respect and positivity along with learning.

Two other groups I would suggest you look into on Facebook are 1000 Voices Of Compassion and Kim’s Daily Inspirational Blogs.

Last but not least, let’s not forget our #LinkYourLife Connection Facebook group. If I did not invite you to the group you or you haven’t requested an invite find me, but not in the creepy Liam Neeson way. Send me a private message–I have a neurological condition–my memory fails.

Here is something big in my head right now. Shameless editor promotion warning! Shawna has a son with Autism. Her family is trying to get him a service dog. Actually, her family has already been matched with a dog. They just need to cover the training. Service dogs are incredibly expensive! I have to share the link here because her journey is an important one and she has a long way to go. I have permission to share that Autism is actually why she’s been in wardrobe so often. It is a struggle for her family right now. And not just getting the service dog. Autism often creates significant medical debt. Extra funds raised will go toward paying the shockingly large amount stashed away on her credit cards. Look at her GoFundMe and see if you can help. Donate generously. Encourage your friends to help. You can also donate through PayPal which doesn’t take the 7.9% fee GoFundMe does out of your contribution. To do that, go here.

Okay. I can’t possibly get all the links in this week because I am waiting to take my medication in order to write this. . . Trust me, medication is needed right now. This is also going to look different for practical reasons. So, here’s what I have. Feel free to link more in the comments.

Friends who shared or were shared: @NorahColvin @sheryl_gwyther @JLebsack @TheMightySite @stuckinscared @HastyWords  @LynnGerrard  @wordsofjoy75 @LivinwithBATman  @girally @sylvia_carlson @Charli_Mills @Annecdotist @happylemonpip  @gulara_vincent  @UlaWrites  @PlaguedParent @sylvia_carlson @jimwilbourne  @allisonmaruska  @HettsSaidIt  @AmyOes   @allieburkebooks @JackieCioffa  @AlistairLane  @RachelintheOC @BestowingFire  @yadadarcyyada  @VashtiQV @Roccoco_a_GoGo

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Read, connect, share. Link away in comments. I’m sorry if I missed your link as I made the round up.


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