This opens my eyes to the need to speak to …

Comment on Read “Anxious All Over” on Stigma Fighters by wallaro1.

This opens my eyes to the need to speak to this reality. Too much silence around all abuse exists and I recognize the exact experience you are speaking to when engaging with a child. I have ongoing flashbacks that happen in so many situations and am currently in therapy because I want not only the cycle of abuse to end but also, the general violence encouraged within my family. I am not a parent and at this point am grateful for that fact. I was recently telling my therapist that I want to find a way to speak about the entirety of my experience without being caught in the criticisms that victims only talk about it, victims live in the past…blah, blah, blah…my body responds way before the conscious thoughts begin and often, the thinking comes later. I react in ways that astonish me! I have worked hard for years doing meditation/mindfullness based practices to increase my awareness and devolop the ability to diffuse. For years, my own coping mechanisms were alcohol, drugs, and often, violence itself. It is habitual. It is addictive not because it brings pleasure in a typical sense but when you are shaped by it within your earliest history and it continues, it becomes a way of being. Thanks for this post. I have work to do.


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