June 5 #LinkYourLife Roundup

You know what was awesome about this Friday? I am having trouble grabbing all the links for this roundup because #LinkYourLife joined up with #BluSkyFriday to multiply our members, shares and readership.

Please enjoy the hashtag meme @stuckinscared made including #LinkYourLife!


@KimGANEPossible shared an incredibly moving and personal piece on rape, abortion and resilience. This is a must-read. Truly. End silence.

@UlaWrites is the truth behind the illusion.

@PlaguedParent made us laugh at the horror he felt about his daughter’s swimsuit choice. He also shared a beautiful bit of prose.

@LvingTheDream shared how meditation was an investment in himself.

@stuckinscared defined herself. She doesn’t want to live in shame anymore. She also linked us up with a @stigmafighters book review by Lizzi Rogers. The books sounds like something I want to get into. And let’s not forget the above meme!

@JenJChow wants to know what class prepared you for a major life change?

@blu_collective shared this incredibly appropriate image for our joint hashtag endeavor:

@BluSkyFriday (aka @HettsindaHouse, our new Friday hashtag bestie) linked up a striking piece of time-hopping fiction as well as a reflection on the social pitfalls of FaceBook friendship.  

@Icarus_Flew wrote a piece in defense of the English major. Before you laugh, read it. He’s not wrong.

@FridayReflect talked about learning to say no.

@Ruebi_LHB gave us a laugh and a recipe while describing her tempestuous relationship with breakfast.

@laslugocki connected us to the literary heart–the bookshop and its keeper.

@karriehiggins’ resurrection spell is working!

@fiftyjewels wrote about the enduring love she has for her daughters.

@WritersCaravan has led a multi-continental life and a piano for a best friend.

@MelodyeShore’s father slew people in the spirit.

@aaminahshakur knows why you can’t get a job.

I’m now an editor for a new site for survivors.

@ArtsbeatLA is keeping us up-to-date on the LA arts scene.

@AnonyMousey shared the story of loving Batman, (steam)punk, feminism and niqab. You need to read this empowering piece and have a gander at the images.

@suzwoehrle linked her voice on le’toile.

UPDATE: If you were here earlier and didn’t see your post, look again! I got it all updated. Woohoo! Just a little FYI to say we were also invited to use #linkup and #Momsterslink hashtags. Feel free to look those up! I’ll see you next week.


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  1. Antonio V. says:

    Thank you so much for linking my post and sharing it with your readers. I am humbled and appreciative!

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  2. This is awesome! I’ll definitely be joining in on future topics. Are these the same every week?? 🙂

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  3. Thanks so much for linking my post. And these hashtags are great – looking forward to reading everyone when I can!

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  4. […] been far too long since I put together a #LinkYourLife roundup. This one is going to be double the fun because you […]

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  5. […] been far too long since I put together a #LinkYourLife roundup. This one is going to be double the fun because you […]

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