You’re welcome, and thank you! :) …

Comment on #WeekendCoffeeShare : Thanks for Showing Up by Diana.

You’re welcome, and thank you! 🙂

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#WeekendCoffeeShare : Thanks for Showing Up
Glad to see you around for the coffee share.

I think we all feel like pretenders sometimes, and we all hide.

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Dreams in a Cup #WeekendCoffeeShare
So happy to see you around the coffee share this weekend!

I know what you mean about feeling stagnant and beginning to come back again. I feel a bit like that myself, though my coming back process is going pretty slowly. It just feels like it’s been a really long winter this year, somehow.

(De)Caffeinated Confessions Has Undergone a Makeover!
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I interrupt your regularly scheduled Monster Monday post to instead reblog this super-important post about (De)Caffeinated Confessions, a writing contest that I’m helping to judge.

(De)Caffeinated Confessions is now open for a longer period of time (until Feb 14), the submission fee is lower, and the competition is open to more genres now, so long as the writing is humorous!

Please consider entering this competition—there are some awesome prizes planned, and all proceeds go to help Shawna’s son Noah, who has Autism-related anxiety, to be united with his chosen service dog. Appa is a standard poodle currently undergoing service dog training. And that carries with it a lot of expenses. But a service dog can really help Noah and his family.

So write a thing for us and enter the contest. ;D

Just because I can’t see it yet . . .
It does seem to be quite a challenge—happy you guys are getting some assistance with it. 🙂

Just because I can’t see it yet . . .
Amazing! 🙂 So happy to hear how things are moving along for you guys.

In looking around, I don’t even see any opportunities in Louisiana. It seems people may have to go out of state here? That seems like it would make it even more difficult.

Just because I can’t see it yet . . .
It’s so frustrating that there aren’t better avenues for people to go through to try and get service dogs. I’m rooting for you guys—-wish I could be more helpful, but other than sharing things around, I’m afraid I don’t know much that would help. Hope it gets easier soon. <3


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