The Docks: Episode 14

I knew I’d read about it somewhere: a man who could return the Woman’s Bond. It was a few days after the connection came alive to me—and, oh, how alive I feel now!—that the memory resurfaced. Really, it sort of niggled. I couldn’t shake the certainty that what I was doing should still be impossible. That this awakening wasn’t meant for me. Could I be good enough for this?

After Jana shielded herself and retreated, the niggle became a nag. The nag became a shout. The shout was persistent. So I shielded myself. It turns out I can do anything Jana can do. I threw up a wall a mile thick and I dove into the Chronicles. They say I was there for nearly a week. I refused to open myself to them. They brought me food, which I ate. And drinks and a blanket, but how can I know if I slept when it seems to me that I was never awake?

It can’t be true, but what I remember is that I read all of it. Every Chronicle. Even the lost ones I’ve recovered and no other soul knows about. And somewhere in the pile of history and wisdom, I found what I was looking for. The Story went like this:

“When Sons knew their own hearts, they knew also the hearts of those paired to them. But through the Ages, Sons lost themselves. It happened gradually, but the Daughters noticed. Such is their nature. The Daughters lost themselves, too, but they were able to rebuild the internal world. They rebuilt it without Sons. Sons were too far gone. But there will come a Son who will see again the inside. He will see again when a Daughter who needs him reaches for him. And the Daughter who reaches him will be etched of Power and one removed from Glory.”

The words were written in the old style called Prophecy. It is said the knowledge is always there for us, if only we know how to look for it. It is also said that some things are hidden from us, and there is no use looking. I have always looked even though I know what I will find are more questions. The question now is, am I the Son who will wake? Further, have other Sons awoken? Am I one in a trend from a Prophecy that just hit its mark?

If this Story is mine, then Jana is the Daughter who is “etched of Power and one removed from Glory.” What does that mean?


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