I love this piece Shareen, b/c the emotion builds with …

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I love this piece Shareen, b/c the emotion builds with focus and direction. …once you aren’t thundering from it you might find an easier, softer sound…. That’s beautiful texture. You should be very stoked about this. Congratulations.

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Chicken and Biscuits: Slow Cooker or Oven
shawna, thank you for your recent posts. I anticipate cooking your recipes, esp. the Lebanese ones. We are back in Canada now, having spent 4 & a half months in Wichita with our beloved family. So…thank you for your blog. It (you) are inspirational!

On Being (Not) Well
I ‘m not sure why I did not see this e-mail. Thank you so very very much for sharing this, and for enduring through it. I am not sure if this malaise has actually past, but if you don’t mind I will pray for you. You lit me up on the inside about a couple of your comments about a poem Shareen published on her blog. I will never forget your giving and encouraging heart, because basically poetry is an inclination that is by its nature reclusive and difficult to voice to the outsider. Can I e-mail you sometimes?


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