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I have been drafting my next series of Bloomington, IN writing classes beginning in April. If you are an out-of-towner, keep reading. There is a non-local option. I would love to know what you are interested in!

Writing through Trauma 
For the original description, click here. I will teach this as a six week course. Unity of Bloomington has again offered to host, and there is some flexibility for scheduling. If you want to take this class and would like me to reserve your space, please DM or email me (shawna.ainslie@gmail.com). The class is maximum 10 participants. ADULTS ONLY. ($80) Please use the following poll to let me know which day and time will work best for you.

Story Development (for Fiction or Nonfiction)
This class is designed for development of fiction and nonfiction writing projects and ideas for ADULTS ONLY. This will included three group writing and workshop sessions as well as three constructive critiques by me of your produced work, individually tailored writing prompts, and social networking and publication direction where possible. ($100) Most likely running three Saturday afternoons, bi-weekly, with a one-on-one followup one month after the course ends.

One-on-One Writing Coaching in fiction and creative nonfiction for ANY AGE, genre or experience level. This may include goal setting, written constructive critiques of your produced work, individually tailored writing prompts, reading suggestions, and social networking and publication direction. Contact me with interest so we can co-create your sessions. This can be done long-distance.

More details forthcoming.


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