I can’t say I don’t identify with both parties in …

Comment on The Ways You Have Failed Me by Amna.

I can’t say I don’t identify with both parties in this case – I can see why it would be hurtful for a parent to see their efforts late in life didn’t repair the cracks as well as they’d imagined … But I can feel your pain of carrying that trauma around as well.

In the end this summed it up for me ‘Words and actions, once performed, belong to those who recieve them’ – powerful and true.

You’ve found catharsis in writing and this is so much healthier and healing than carrying the burden you were carrying in your heart all these years. You’ve made me strive to be a more ‘concious parent’ as well. Love, Amna.

Amna Also Commented

The Ways You Have Failed Me
Its yours to do with as you wish 🙂 Looking forward to reading more.

And about conscious parenting – I THOUGHT it was obvious to me … reading your posts have made me take a (sometimes) uncomfortable look at myself and I’m not all I thought I was.

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Pine nuts – omg that will just take it to another level. Cant wait to try it!

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I hope you heal and get painfree soon… You’ve had such a hard time with it. Hoping to read more of your inspiring posts soon 🙂

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Brave brave you! That sounds like a terrible ordeal to go thrpugh… One thing after another going wrong. Good to know you’re healing and better … Sending loving, healing thoughts your way.

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I don’t know how I would’ve coped with such an inquisitive intelligent child .. Hats off to you! He is incisive and so very … clear. I envy him his clarity.

And you… Your gift, your writing, touches me and forces me to take a long hard look at myself every time I read it. Loving reading your blog.


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