It’s interesting to me that some children pick up on …

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It’s interesting to me that some children pick up on things it has taken me years to see. He believes in God because it serves him to do so? That rocks me, because I always think I believe in God because I feel I am supposed to.

You make me think of how different religions have a tone… An overriding theme if you will. Christianity is love, Islam is submission, Buddism is peace… At least that is how I see them. I often wonder why that is, and especially in Islam, how something with essentially the same narrative as Christianity could come to a completely different feeling.

I bet you will have some amazing conversations with your little guy as he grows 🙂

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I can really relate to what you are saying about losing your authentic self by hiding and trying to conform. Religion (as it exists in today’s world) tends to do that to people. Sometimes that’s helpful for people who have a behavior that is harming them. But for those of us who are creative and crave mental freedom, if can be stifling. There is a balance… It’s just very elusive 😉 I certainly haven’t found it yet!


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