What you are describing is EXACTLY what I’d like for …

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What you are describing is EXACTLY what I’d like for my children. I have tried to find resources for kids locally. We have a lovely Shambhala and Buddhist community here, but everything is aimed toward adults. I ordered two books for kids on meditation to at least get things begun at home. It would be amazing to bring some of the kids’ friends along for the ride.

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Redefining Faith
I’m thinking of you, Kimmie. I hope you are better today.

Redefining Faith
Rica, sharing faith can be such a beautiful act. I love that you’ve moved into a different space, but you honor your children’s desires. That respect is the difference between loving faith and forced faith in practice.

Redefining Faith

The themes are amazing. I spent a good part of my undergraduate years in Islamic studies (and that’s actually how I became so conservative). We looked at Western religions there and through my anthropology classes. What I learned from all that is there is no one way to be, but every religion promotes one way to be. 🙂

Little Dude is a great conversationalist. I just wish he would wait until he’s a bit older to tackle some of these big concepts.

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Kelly, I am so glad we found each other again. I remember you from last time. Can we connect on FB?

Of Matriarchs and Memories
Thank you, Elaine. I did a lot of crying in front of and with them once school was out. They weren’t sure how to feel, so seeing my sadness helped. You are right about the sharing of grief. I’m glad I stayed open.

Of Matriarchs and Memories
Thank you. <3

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Yes, very true. We need to be able to share.

I am so glad you love the parenting. It is very unnatural to me; a constant battle to be kind. Even now I am struggling not to be angry about crumbs and drips and kids who refuse to listen the first or second or third time.

I look forward to each task they learn to complete on their own. Each bit of independence. But I am also working hard to enjoy the other moments. Books are almost always a win. Sharing stories fills my heart. 🙂

Parenting is Hard and I Don’t Like It
I think, here, there have been longer stretches in between the beautiful moments despite my constant reframing. The kids are pushing boundaries, I have been dealing with some background noise, and there is the running to and fro. Mama, we need a break.


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