What a wisdom, Shawna…You and your son. I have so …

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What a wisdom, Shawna…You and your son. I have so much to say on this but not the wellness to say it at the moment. I will say though, that my thinking these days is very close to your sons. Thank you for this beautiful share. Kimmie x

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She Could Love Herself
This is an incredibly beautiful piece, Shawna. Inspirational. I want to hug you and high-five you all at the same time. x

You Are Invited to Appa’s Homecoming Party!
If I knew what a snoopy dance was I’d be doing it. *armchair dances instead*. Fabulous news, Shawna. So happy for you all 🙂 #bluskyfriday

White Beans with Oregano
Oooo-er, I like the sound of this. I use my slow cooker loads. I’d be lost without it.

October 17 #LinkYourLife Roundup
Aw, bless you for including me… especially as I haven’t been up to reading/sharing much this week… Thank you! 🙂

October 9 #LinkYourLife Roundup
Thanks so much for the inclusion 🙂


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