I raised my boys in the Christian church because I …

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I raised my boys in the Christian church because I desperately needed to cling to something and give my kids that thing, too. But I learned that what I was searching for could not be contained or defined. My “religion” has evolved now and I see the flaws and limitations in that old system of rules and ideas. My kids, however, are still praying and claiming the faith of their youth. It makes me proud though because their beliefs give them comfort, and that’s good enough for me. One day they may wake up and see the world differently. Who knows? You’re a good mom for allowing your child to explore his world and choose his path. And writing is most definitely your gift!

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My Synesthesia Experience: the World and the Page
I never heard of Synesthesia, so this was enlightening. I guess I assumed people process things similarly, and I’m glad you shared this. Recognizing our differences really does help us cultivate compassion and appreciation for every person’s journey,

I Am More Than Just an American and I Frighten You
Every part of this essay is amazing, and I did not get very far on the page before I began nodding “yes mam” and raising my hands in agreement. This is so damn quote worthy, it should be printed on T-shirts and painted on billboards: Generalizations are easy, but every human life is complicated. So many virtual high fives for this, my dear. Thank you.

My #LinkYourLife Passion: Why I Keep Showing Up
Yes! The group is the most engaged community of creative, warm people I have found online. So many forums are centered around self-promotion, a place where bloggers drop links without really engaging. But this group is a space to share posts as well as ideas and pieces of ourselves. I cherish it!

Maqluba: Lebanese Eggplant and Rice Casserole
I don’t eat meat, but I love the use of spices, nuts and veggies in this dish. I can almost smell the allspice. I bet you’re an amazing cook, Shawna!

Showing Up for Myself in the Mirror
This is an amazing post, with so much truth about the adventures we women take to rediscover ourselves, whether after childbirth, as we age, or at any time when we feel lost. You are such a humble and beautiful soul.


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