The Only Eggs My Kids Will Eat


I woke up wanting to tip my hat to tornado survivors today. I grew up in Tornado Alley. I remember standing on my porch as the wind whipped and changed and the sky turned green. When we lived in a house in the Ozarks, we would look left at the bull pasture, to see what the heifers had done. If they were gone, it was time to go inside. Once, we saw a small twister touch down in the field, bounce back into the sky, and puff into dust.

We never faced a truly dangerous tornado at our home. Some are not so lucky.


In an effort to get my child to consume his breakfast, I renamed his cheesy scramble in honor of a windspun childhood. Tornado Alley Eggs were born. They continue to be a popular morning request. For a time, my kids were dairy free. I had to make a fake-cheese version. This morning, Tornado Alley Eggs were requested again. I pushed them around the pan and thought of this morning’s broken homes, and how I could pass on something happy in the wake of disaster.

Tornado Alley Eggs

5-6 eggs beaten with
1/4 cup shredded Colby Jack cheese and
1 TBSP sour cream and/or
2 TBSP milk
and a pinch of salt

Scramble over Medium-Low heat in melted butter.


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